EasyBand - Custom


EasyBand is the affordable and wearable RFID Wristband from Authentic8 ID Solutions UK.

If your business operates a wet area (pool or spa) then our wearable waterproof silicone RFID proximity wristbands are the perfect solution for your customers. Our re-usable RFID wristbands will integrate with Access control, Membership Management and Locker systems (such as Ojmar OTS Locks).


Custom printed EasyBands have the following features:
• Genuine NXP Mifare 1K Chip (S50)
• 100% waterpoof (made from Silicone)
• Compatable with Ojmar OTS Locks
• 2 sizes: Junior (55mm) and Adult (62mm)
• MOQ = 500 Units
• Mixture of colours available: Black, Red, Green, Blue & White
• Orders over 1000 units - choose ANY colour of band
• Includes single colour logo printing.
• Option to encode and number
• Lead time is around 5 weeks
Compatible with:
EasyBand is also available in other formats including:
HID Prox 26 bit format
Mifare Ultralight,
Please contact us for price and lead time
Standard500£ 1,450.00
1000£ 2,350.00
2500£ 5,125.00
5000£ 9,500.00
10000£ 18,000.00
Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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Total : £ 1,450.00
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